The University of California Irvine (UCI) Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) has a strong ongoing research collaboration with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) through the Partners in Advanced Transit and Highways as well as the Testbed Technical Assistance and Development Programs. More recently, the UCI Statewide Freight Transportation Research Group at the University of California, Irvine pursued a new focus on statewide freight research with the Caltrans Division on Transportation System Information (TSI). Our group recently completed a two-year study for Caltrans entitled “Assessment and Development of Commodity Flow, Logistics, and Other Relevant Goods Movement Data Sources to Facilitate Statewide Freight Modeling.” The primary purpose of this project was to consolidate a number of publicly available data sources within a single “data repository”. This repository named the “California Online Freight Data Repository” (Cal-FRED) was cited the US DOT Freight Model Improvement Program as a source for freight data. More recently, the UCI Statewide Freight Transportation Research Group was commissioned by the California Department of Transportation to conduct a scoping study for a statewide freight model, “Conceptual and Methodological Development of a California Statewide Freight Demand Model”. This study yielded a set of recommendations and initial data preparation for implementing such a model for the state.

Presently, the UCI Statewide Freight Transportation Research Group is developing the statewide freight demand model for the State of California. The proposed project timeline is two years long, and the deliverables are expected to be used as a cornerstone for long term post-project plans. These plans include policy analysis with test cases and scenarios defined by the different users of the model; integration and validation with other models in the state; outreach/training of users and potential users via documentation, conferences, and workshops; and further development of the enhancement modules that are accepted.

This web portal is designed to showcase our research developments in this exciting area of freight research. We will be revising this portal regularly to provide updates on our latest research progress.

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