Published Papers

Working Papers

  • An Alternative Method to Estimate Balancing Factors for the Disaggregation of OD Matrices. Neda Masoud, Fatemeh Ranaiefar, Michael, McNally, Daniel Rodriguez-Roman, and Stephen G. Ritchie. PDF
  • Determinants of Air Cargo Traffic in California. Paulos Ashebir Lakew and Andre Tok. PDF
  • Integration of Weigh-in-Motion and Inductive Signature Technology for Advanced Truck Monitoring. Sarah Hernandez, Andre Tok, and Stephen G. Ritchie. PDF
  • Optimal Sensor Locations for Advanced Truck Surveillance on California Freeways. Jaeyoung Jung, Andre Tok, and Stephen G. Ritchie. PDF


Conference Proceedings

  • A freight transshipment network model for forecasting commodity and cyclic commercial vehicle flows. Chow, J.Y.J., Ritchie, S. G. PDF


Published Papers